The 17th Shanghai International Luggage & Bags Exhibition

Exhibition time: July 02-04, 2020

Add: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibition Introduction:

A suitcase represents a person’s taste. As the public’s love and acceptance of luggage culture improves, more and more businesses are attracting attention to this seemingly single product with unlimited potential. As a result, the number of brands mainly involving luggage and the entire industry chain of luggage is increasing.

As a trade show focusing on the luggage industry in the industry, the 17th Shanghai International Bags & Exhibitions will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 2-4, 2020. The Shanghai Bag & Bag Exhibition has been successfully held for 16 consecutive sessions so far, and aims to perform a channel expansion for professionals in related fields such as brand enterprises, designers, distributors, import and export traders, retailers, buyers and OEMs. , Brand cooperation, negotiating purchases, business promotion and other comprehensive business events.

Over the years, Shanghai Bags & Exhibitions has established a good platform for the luggage industry at home and abroad to showcase their strengths, capture business opportunities, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, and has received extensive attention from colleagues in the industry. This year’s expo not only gathered a large number of domestic first-line well-known luggage brands, but also attracted hundreds of companies from overseas to participate in the luggage industry. So many well-known brands at home and abroad gathered in Douyan on the same stage in Shanghai will undoubtedly form a strong brand agglomeration effect, promote the industry’s recognition and participation in the Shanghai Bags and Exhibitions, and further enhance the international influence and competitiveness of the Shanghai Bags and Exhibitions .

Exhibition criteria:

Luggage and leather goods brand exhibition area:

Luggage: trolley case, travel case, briefcase, travel bag, outdoor function bag, backpack, etc.

Handbags: fashion bags, clutch bags, wrist bags, evening bags, zipper bags, cross-body bags, leather bags, chain bags, wallets, etc.

Fashion and leisure: children’s backpacks, school bags, mummy bags, backpacks, sports bags, mobile phone cases and other brands.

Fashion accessories: jewelry, leather goods, belts, belts, gloves, and canvas bags, gift bags, environmental protection bags, non-woven bags, etc.

Outdoor bag: mountaineering bag, waist bag, travel bag, photography bag, cycling bag, wash bag, survival bag, arm bag, waterproof bag, outdoor ice bag, etc.

Manufacturing area-Finished product processing technology, raw materials, accessories and machinery equipment exhibition area:

Finished luggage manufacturing and luggage leather goods machinery and equipment: Finished product processing technology and equipment, luggage leather goods machinery and equipment, sewing equipment, computer-aided design and manufacturing, etc.

Raw materials for luggage:

Leather, natural leather, synthetic leather (PU / PVC), artificial leather, Oxford cloth, lining cloth, mesh cloth, nylon cloth, leather base cloth, luggage fabric, etc.

Luggage and handbag accessories:

All kinds of zippers, hardware accessories, tags, buckles, luggage locks, levers, angle wheels, handles, pulleys, plastics, adhesives, pulleys, 3D printing, etc.

Third-party Internet service platform exhibition area:

Internet financial companies, Internet logistics companies, cultural and brand authorized companies, domestic e-commerce companies, cross-border e-commerce companies, R & D design companies, international testing agencies, etc.

Post time: Jan-10-2020