• The 17th Shanghai International Luggage & Bags Exhibition
    Post time: 01-10-2020

    Exhibition time: July 02-04, 2020 Add: Shanghai New International Expo Center Exhibition Introduction: A suitcase represents a person’s taste. As the public’s love and acceptance of luggage culture improves, more and more businesses are attracting attention to this seemingly single pr...Read more »

  • The Production Process For The Backpacks
    Post time: 01-10-2020

    If the company has a backpack customization requirement, it will usually let the full-time purchasers in the enterprise find a suitable backpack manufacturer, and most of them are also purchasers. However, most buyers do not understand the manufacturing process of backpacks. On the whole, the man...Read more »

  • How To Choose Outdoor Backpack?
    Post time: 01-10-2020

    1.Choose a right backpack and free up your hands. Imagine that you are walking through the jungle, carrying large bags and small luggage in your left and right hands. The difficulty of traveling is not only that you can imagine, but also it is easy to cause danger. If you are using a backpack tha...Read more »