The Production Process For The Backpacks

If the company has a backpack customization requirement, it will usually let the full-time purchasers in the enterprise find a suitable backpack manufacturer, and most of them are also purchasers. However, most buyers do not understand the manufacturing process of backpacks. On the whole, the manufacturing process of backpacks is quite complicated, at least compared with ordinary clothing. So, what exactly is the production process of backpack production?


The production of backpacks has a unique process and a process that cannot be arbitrarily changed. Every step in the production process will affect the quality of the backpack. In general, the production of backpacks needs to go through various processes such as material selection, proofing, finalization, stock preparation, knife mold, cutting, blank printing, sewing, and packaging. A backpack is usually assembled from dozens or even hundreds of parts. The complexity of its production is self-evident.

Sewing is the most important link in the production of backpacks, which directly affects the quality of the entire backpack. The seam is divided into front seam, seam cover, seam lining, filler seam, seam side pocket, seam accessories, assembly accessories, installation slider, rear seam, high-speed car package Wait, every process is very important. Designing special backpacks even requires the use of some special processes, such as skinning, compounding, oil edging, gluing, rivets, pumping, spraying, etc. To make a high-quality backpack, you must strictly control each process.

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Post time: Jan-10-2020